Hi, I'm Haidir!


I was born in Northern Sumatra and grew up in the village of Bukit Lawang. From the age of 16, I started working as an assistant to my father who guides tourists in the jungle. After a few years of training, I became a licensed guide and started guiding my own groups through the jungle.


I have a real passion for sharing the beauty and secrets of the rainforest and have been enjoying organizing treks for groups of various sizes, ages and nationalities for 10 years. In the last couple of years, I have extended my services to tours covering the entire Northern part of Sumatra.


 I currently share my time between Sumatra and Hong Kong  but remain attached to Indonesia and always enjoy organizing unforgettable trips for my tourists.


Hi, I'm Laetitia!

I am from France and came for the first time to Sumatra in 2010 while traveling on a trip around the world. I was supposed to stay for a couple of weeks but felt in love with the place and the people and ended up staying months instead. Sumatra now feels like home.
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