rainforest jungle trek gunung leuser park

The first time you will enter the jungle, it will be like nothing you have experienced before. The dense vegetation, the wildlife (including the beautiful ORANGUTANS!), the noises will make it a unique place to be.


Because we do not all have the same physical abilities, time or budget, we offer treks from 1 day to 3 days or even more for the most adventurous.


1 Day Jungle Trek

For those who want to see orangutans but don't have much time or energy 


2 Days / 1 Night Jungle Trek

For those who want to camp overnight in the majestic jungle


3 Days / 2 Nights Jungle Trek

For those who want to go deeper in the jungle and spot a more diverse wildlife


If you are interested by longer treks, please contact us for customized itineraries and price.


For information about trekking in the Gunung Leuser National Park and what you should know before going on a jungle trek - visit our info page.